Our team in 1982  back row: Amy, Sandy, Madeline, Sarah, Tina, Barbara G. front row: Susan, Barbara W, Lynn, Karen. Not in photo: VaLera

Our team in 1982  back row: Amy, Sandy, Madeline, Sarah, Tina, Barbara G.
front row: Susan, Barbara W, Lynn, Karen. Not in photo: VaLera


As a trained librarian, Sarah had a career in books. After retirement her activities have centered around the First Unitarian Church, where she has been one of the volunteers in the book store and has also served on the Adult Religious Education Committee for many years. She is finally legally married to her wonderful partner, Shirlee.

SUsan feldman

Susan's involvement in the production of Good Work Sister was a continuing thread in her career as an urban planner for the City of Portland. It allowed her to participate in the transformation of the final remnants of shipyard life into a 21st century urban environment. She and her husband raised 2 children and live with their dogs in a 120-year-old Victorian home in Northwest Portland.


Barbara remains a professional freelance photographer here in Portland, as she was when Good Work, Sister! was originally produced. She has photographed people, especially women, all over the world for the last 40 years.  She is the Office Manager for the Northwest Women's History Project, handling orders for our DVD.


Amy retired as a Professor of Women’s Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is the author of Fleeting Opportunities: Women Shipyard Workers in Portland and Vancouver During World War II and Reconversion (SUNY Press, 1990) and co-editor with Lily McNair and Nancy Schniedewind of Women: Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology (Mayfield, 1995 and 1998; McGraw Hill, 2003) as well as several articles on the history of U.S. feminism. She is currently working on a book on women’s liberation in New Haven, Connecticut.


Madeline directed a teacher-training program aimed at involving more people of color and women in the study of math and science for a number of years. She has also done non-profit administration and fundraising. Her last career before retirement was as a Certified Financial Planner (tm), specializing in socially responsible investing.

Sandy polishuk

Sandy used her interviewing experience from Good Work Sister! at KBOO FM community radio station in Portland where she hosted a public affairs program, conducted numerous live on-air interviews, and worked on the news. She keeps the books and writes the checks for the Northwest Women’s History Project. She taught oral history at Portland State University where she was a vice president of her teachers’ union (AFT). She is the author of Sticking to the Union: An Oral History of the Life and Times of Julia Ruuttila, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2003. She is currently a climate crisis activist with 350PDX.

tina tau

Tina raised two daughters from China. She is writing and publishing (three books of poetry, and one spiritual memoir, so far). She is involved in her Friends Meeting, works as a spiritual director and teaches The Work of Byron Katie. She also unravels her dreams, rides her bike, and dances a little in the kitchen.

Lynn Taylor

Lynn is a licensed clinical social worker working in the field of aging. Listening to life stories has always held a fascination for her. She lives in a 104 year-old Victorian house with her husband Peter and a cat named Silver, where they raised their two sons, Eli and Gabriel. Most recently, she has been involved in hospice work, the Jewish Renewal community, and lots and lots of gardening.

valera washburn

VaLera completed her B.S. degree while raising two kids, worked in non-profit management, co-owned a small business and worked as an administrative assistant. Her retirement interests are art-making, gardening, and having her children nearby. She paints in acrylic on a translucent surface, working on both sides, resulting in room-divider size and smaller art screens. Her jewelry line uses out-cuts left when framing the paintings. VaLera says compared to the concentration needed using colored pencil where she started, this work is more like dancing – moving around a 4' x 8' work table pouring, mono-printing, knife-painting, stenciling and 'playing with color and words'.

barbara whittlesey

Barbara now lives in Arizona with her husband Jeff Zauderer, a Tai Chi instructor. She has retired from her work at University of Arizona. You might find her hiking, sketching, singing, dancing, or playing folk music from the Balkans.

karen wickre

Karen’s interest in communicating stories has served her well in the business world. Not long after Good Work, Sister! was produced, she moved to San Francisco and has worked in Bay area technology-related businesses ever since. She has worn many hats--creative director, executive producer, content, strategist, freelance writer--all of them reflecting her interest in writing, editing, organizing, and presenting information. She still considers the Pacific Northwest an elemental home.